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September 9, 2023

10:00am CST

It's time to


your coaching business!

Seize this chance to transform your free advice into a thriving coaching business. According to industry experts, Life Coaching is one of the most rapidly expanding sectors. It's currently over a $2 billion industry, experiencing an average annual growth rate of 6.7% or even higher. It's time for you to step in and make your mark! Christian women need your help.

Life Coaches provide supportive and non-judgemental safe paces for women to explore their feelings, develop self- awareness, set boundaries and implement positive change.You're already giving advice, so why not earn from it while making a positive impact on lives?



People are constantly seeking your advice, and you're a great listener. You've always had the desire to become a Life Coach but are unsure about how to begin.

Even though you may not be technologically adept, aren't fond of making videos, and have limited time, you still harbor a strong desire to become a coach.

If you're grappling with questions such as how to establish an LLC, what to name your business, whether you can operate from home, how to build confidence, and how to start accepting payments, we can guide you. We can simplify this process and make it easier than you might imagine.

You're seeking a community and an accountability partner. We comprehend how this can be a source of worry. Rest assured, we're here to assist you in believing in and betting on yourself.

You're considering initiating your journey with a smaller group before gradually expanding to a larger one. This approach can be beneficial in bolstering your confidence.

You aspire to generate income without the constraints of a daily job. You desire the flexibility to set your own working hours and to have a career where you're in control of your time and your earning potential.

You're seeking guidance on when it would be beneficial to pursue a certification and when it might not be necessary

You have been giving advice to your friends and associates for free all of your life and now you want to learn how to get paid

If any of these questions resonate with you, it's time to register now.


In our Zoom session, we'll cover how to kickstart your business within just a couple of hours.

During this session, anticipate some enjoyable moments filled with music and fun.

We'll help you eliminate obstacles that hinder successful launches. Additionally, you'll have the opportunity to meet new people and expand your network.

Affiliate Recommendations - Get the inside information and top recommendations for coaching certifications, including Christian Coaches, Life Coaches, Relationship Coaches, Divorce Coaches, and Career Coaches.

Regardless of whether you're baking cakes, conducting classes, selling products, or frequently offering free advice over the phone, it doesn't make a difference-

YOU can be a COACH!

Your payment today secures your discovery session, which includes straightforward steps 1, 2, and 3 for launching a coaching business. Make an investment of just $97 today and arrange your personalized launching session.

Coaches- Coach!

How much time will I need to commit today?

You will commit 1 hour. This is not a get rich quick scheme so we will teach you how to schedule your time so you can be successful.

Satisfaction Guarantee- Does this mean my results are guaranteed?

The only guarantee is that you will make a commitment you owe to yourself to Launch! You've always dreamed of being a Life Coach. Let's Go!

How long will it take me to see a return on my investment?

As soon as you stop talking yourself out of making a decision to become a life coach the quicker you can get started. It's about betting on yourself. Enough of the FREE advice, let's respect our time and help people. If you are interested, you will be offered a 6 weeks course to ensure you have accountability and support to keep going! You got this, Coach!

Can I cancel and get a refund?

We encourage you to invest in yourself by committing to this session, which is just one hour and costs only $97. It's a commitment you owe to yourself. Please note that we have a no-refund policy and the session cannot be transferred to another event, as it is a digital event conducted via Zoom.

Early Bird Price Ends Soon!!!!

If you have never invested in yourself, you have never betted on yourself. Stop delaying what you deserve! Start your own coaching business now!

Schedule your One on One Training Session today. For Just $97 today! You also get a free zoom session.

After you register, an email will be sent to you including the details of the event.

Date-September 9, 2023

Time: 10:00am CST

You will receive an email with Zoom login details 24 hours prior to the event. Please ensure you provide a valid email address and remember to check your SPAM folder. The email will be sent from info@girlbetonyourself.com.

Thank you for betting on yourself!



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